Hof ter Wilgen

where silence is heard


Hof ter Wilgen is a guesthouse located along a narrow road, in between fields, far away from the city and crowds.


Once you’ve crossed the car park, you wander into the permaculture garden, a paradise where you can find peace and quiet.


Permaculture is our passion and here you can discover and experience this lifestyle. We invite you to enjoy the beauty this peaceful oasis has to offer.



Whether you choose to stay at the holiday residence, the lodging or prefer to camp, there is something suitable for everyone in our peaceful oasis.





If wanted, we can provide breakfast. Please book at least 48h in advance.

Free Wifi


There is Wifi in the buildings, in the garden you’ll have to use your own network.



The permaculture garden has a surface area of about 1ha and is accessible to all guests.

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or book a tour.

Bed linen and bath towels

You can rent bed linen and bath towels from us. Please email us for prices and availability.


There is a big, natural swimming pond with a helophyte filter, accessible to all guests.

Bicycles for rent

You can also rent bicycles from us. We have 1 woman's and 1 man's bicycle. Please email us for prices and availability.